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I have since moved shop to a larger space, a humble two car garage. I'd love to buy larger tools but I'm not sure what the wife would think about that. One day at a time I guess!


Primary Tools:

Sieg X2D Mini Mill - Purchased from

Sieg C3 Mini Lathe - Purchased from

Air Compressor: California Air Tools 4620A

Chicago Electric Portable Band Saw

Bench Grinder 8"

Angle Grinder


Welding Setup:

Everlast PowerTig 200DX Welding Machine

WP9 TIG Torch

Super Flex Rubber Power Cable (torch cable)

#8 Gas Lense

2% Lanthenated Tungsten 1/16" (for thin wall tubing) Size .035 and .045

Filler Rod - ER70S2 and Weld mold 880

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