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The mission was to build a full featured bicycle frame jig for under $500, we got it under $300. The construction had to be compatible with common tools and materials. We took it a step further and designed it to be modifiable and material swappable. The jig serves as an experiment into low cost build materials for a jig of this type.

The Pithy Bikes Jig plans are free for use but not for re-sale.

The Pithy Bikes Jig and Plans are ©2019 Stephen Canniff


3D Printed knobs for your Pithy Bikes Jig project.
Warning - TIG only. Brazing will melt these knobs.


3D Printed hex nut stops. Use these to prevent your nuts from spinning endlessly into the abyss, unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

The round slotted stopper fits nicely into the curved slot on the Head Tube fixture and the Seat Tube fixture.

Metric versions of these parts are are in the works. Please be patient. But if you're in a hurry, feel free to contact me and light a fire under my ass.

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