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News 10/17/2016

Thank you guys for the donations!! I can't express how grateful I am. I was at work (day job) getting notifications on my phone whenever one of you made a donation. I felt guilty for being at my day job lol. I wanted to be in the shop! :D

Ok, so I've been hard at work trying to figure out tubing and all that jazz. It turns out I can't really use the frame tubes I recycled, I'll explain that more in the next video. Long story short I think I may end up buying all new tubes.. It's just not worth the trouble to recycle them for this build. So new tubes all around.

Because I ran into a bit of a hitch with the recycled frame, the next video will be delayed :(  I forgot about all the planning that goes into a new build. I'll keep you guys updated.

I really need to figure out how to keep you guys in the loop.. I don't want to use facebook because theres so much competing noise there.. I need to think about his..

News 10/15/2016

I now have a way to make donations if you feel like thats something you need to do. You can get to my donations page by navigating to it on the menu bar up top or you can get to it from here.

On the Longtail Build page I have some updates where you can get the BikeCAD file and concept image in png or psd formats. You can go there form my Builds link at the top of this page or from this link.

Have a great weekend!

News 10/12/2016

Just about done here wrapping up the first video to the next build. It's a longtail bicycle!

In other news - William from Atkinson Bicycle is selling a DRO for a minimill. It's new and he's looking for a buyer. If you're interested you can reach him at:

And Joe of Cobra Frames just released a new video. Check it out! -

News 09/25/2016

I recently just finished up my first (start to finish) frame build! You can watch the whole build in this play list: 

Bicycle Frame Build Playlist on YouTube



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