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Long Tail Build (LTB)


Welcome to the Longtail Build Series!

Videos in the series so far:

Longtail Bicycle Build 01


Longtail Bicycle Build 02


Longtail Bicycle Build 03

Web Viewable and Downloadable Fusion 360 - BMX Dummy Axle can be seen here:


Longtail Bicycle Build 04


Longtail Bicycle Build 05


I got some parts in and so I updated the frame geo. Updated BikeCAD stuff below.

PDF of geo (updated 01/03/2017)

BikeCAD (updated 01/03/2017)

PDF of geo (updated 10/27/2016

BikeCAD (updated 10/27/2016

Concept image in PNG format

Concept image in PSD format with layers

List of parts and expenses

For Spec Sheet hit this link

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