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First Bicycle Frame Build (BFB)

Bicycle Frame Build Playlist on YouTube


PDF of frame geo

PDF of tubes sizes

BikeCAD file



Q. How much did all this cost?

A. Roughly 12k. See this itemized expense sheet for a more detailed idea of what I purchased.

Pithy Expenses - Frist Build


Q. Do you have CAD files or the plans for the jig and other machining projects for this build?

A. I don't have CAD because I mainly used 3d software just to 'sketch' out ideas. I do have schematics that you can view here:

P3D Schematics


Q. Do you sell frames?

A. No I don't. I have only completed one frame and I have many more to build before I feel confident enough in the quality and design of my frames in order to sell them.


Q. What mill and lathe do you have?

A. See the Workspace section of this site.


Q. Are you going to paint it?

A. I need to clear coat it before it starts to rust.


Q. Will you make a fork for it?

A. Yes, at some point in the future.


Q. How much does the bike weigh?

A. 19.5 lb


Q. Do you work in engineering?

A. No, I'm an artist in the mobile game industry. I make models so it can be similar at times. But those models don't need to function in any way. They just need to look nice ;) I also texture and paint concepts. Here's a link to some of my art. I think in general, any creative field can carry over to frame building.

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