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Welcome to the Pithy Bikes site. Here you can find the latest news on my builds and videos. Thanks for stopping by!


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News 01/02/2017

Happy New Year! The first video of the new year.. It a long one. I kept holding out because I had planned to weld the main triangle for this one. But that became impossible as I didn't have the parts and materials to do so. The main stopper was the seat tube clamp situation.

Here's a link to the video

Also you'll notice I don't use Snapchat anymore. It just became too tedious to update so many apps. So these days my main vehicle for content is Youtube (as usual) with some Instagram posts peppered in.


News 11/22/2016

The next video is in progress. I'm mitering tubes and will put them on the jig. But I messed up one of the tubes! So the next video is delayed while I wait for a new tube. Such is the life of a beginner :)


News 11/12/2016

New - LTB Video 03 is up!


News 11/06/2016

This week's video is up: 

TIG Weld Rotating Head On Stand For Bicycle Frame Jig 

I couldn't work on LTB because I was waiting for aluminum to arrive. I have the material now so the next video will be a Long Tail Build video. I need to make a 14mm dummy axle!


News 10/28/2016

Longtail Build Video 02 is up. Go check it out!

Updates to BikeCAD files on the Longtail Build section of this website.


News 10/18/2016

After some measuring it turns out I CAN recyle some tubes. I'm planning on recycling TT, DT, BB, HT, and Drops. However, I will need to buy a new ST because the one I have is too short. Today I ordered CS and SS. I had trouble finding 3/4" .035 tubing but thanks to Joe Roggenbuck he pointed me to a supplier. Joe, you're the man!


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